Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I have gone bonkers

I should have known what I am getting myself into when I bought the DSLR but I am having fun learning the more technical stuff as well. Actually I wouldn’t have minded just taking shots without digging into it and get it somehow through trial and error. But it would be hard to follow a conversation if I find myself in the midst of photography aficionados, which I did.

So I got down to it and started reading.

And what do you know, I learnt quite a bit. I got a better idea what an aperture is and for the first time understood why is there a reverse ratio. I found out what APS-Cs are in comparison with full frame digital SLRs. I figured out the connection between focal length and crop factor or the focal length multiplier. But what really appealed to me was the topic of composition: stuff like the Rule of Thirds, the Rules of Odds, the Rule of Space and the Golden Ratio.

Had I time travel back a few years ago and read what I have just written, I would have thought I have gone bonkers.



  1. :P And it would do a great deal if you could have some sort of a digital scrapbook of some sort and jot down the shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings as well, even when you use the auto-mode. Can learn that way also. :) Plus, get a good photography book or journal, see how they compose their photos and attempt to experiment with something of similar composition. You get to save your remaining shutterlife too compared to shooting at random. :)

  2. Haha ... don't think it will work for me -- I am not J lar ...

  3. You are very clever Pearlie. That stuff is way above my head, I think men, me included have the attitude, try it first. If all else fails read the instructions .... ;)

  4. Hi Dave,
    You are too lavish with your compliments :) but it is nice to be called "clever" :) :)
    But then again I pride myself as someone who never reads the instruction manuals either - I bought the camera mid of last year, and I have dug out the manual :)