Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Paul Washer on Prayer

I was at Faith by Hearing and downloaded Paul Washer's sermon on Prayer. According to Todd from Faith by Hearing, "Paul Washer’s message on prayer is one of the best, and most convicting and re-orienting, that I’ve ever heard."

I have been searching about what I deem the mystery of prayer for awhile now and I looked forward to hearing what Washer has to say.

Todd further commented that, "One always comes to the question, 'Why did Jesus pray if he was God?' The answer we usually get is that Jesus needed to pray because he needed to depend upon God in his humanity, and because he had so much to accomplish. Rubbish, according to Washer. Jesus prayed because he loved to be in communion with God the Father. Need didn’t drive him to prayer, love did. We are commanded to the same love, 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart…' "

This was enough to get me interested.

But upon hearing Washer, I am not so sure now - I have many questions, as usual ... and I am not sure if I agree with everything he said ... or am I just being unwilling to change? I need to listen to it again and re-evaluate my thoughts.



  1. Pearlie, its always good to question, and not accept blindly. - Dave

  2. Definitely :) but sometimes, it feels guilty to ask and not accept what seemed like plain truth.