Friday, February 13, 2009

What a day!
And it is not over yet

Today is one of the most interesting day of my life - eventful but tiring, and it is not even over yet, as I will soon be preparing to dress up in a saree and head off to my colleague's wedding dinner and party.

First, the things that went wrong.  It started this morning when I got stuck in a traffic jam at 8.30am on my way to work and it was a literal standstill.  I soon found out that the Le Tour De Langkawi cycling competition was to flag off at a place very near my office at 9am.  The roads were therefore closed and not being informed about it, we were all stuck.  When I got to the office finally at almost 11.00am, I realised that in the hush and hurry of the morning, I left my season parking ticket at home, and so I had to park in a paid area.  Then we were off to a client's place for a meeting, which was two hour's away only to find out that we missed the meeting because it was brought forward to the morning without our knowledge. It was frustrating.

Now the interesting, before we headed to the supposed client's meeting, my boss planned a detour to a Chinese temple for lunch. He had asked me if it will be acceptable for me if I joined them for a meal in a temple.  I assumed that it was just a lunch, which will not involve any acts of worship and so I said okay, thinking that if I were to find out upon arrival that it was otherwise, I will excuse myself.  It turned out to be a lunch meeting for them to discuss some pressing administration issues.  And there I was, someone who sits in an executive committee meeting in a church sitting in an administrative meeting in a temple!  It is just too amusing for me.

But there were a lot of things that were interesting as well.  The temple has devotees donating houses to them and they have at least 40 houses to their name.  And the administrative function of the temple was too efficient for words which was outright amazing: the secretary produced a letter for reference that dates back to the year 1949!  My eyes nearly popped out when I saw the date on the letter - I can't even locate my September bills!

And what do you think will happen when I go to a Sikh temple for a wedding ceremony tomorrow morning?



  1. WOW that was a jammed pack, eventful, full of challenges day.

  2. Incidentally it is Friday the 13th!
    Though I am not supposed to believe in it, after past experiences, I tend not to make any important meetings etc.

  3. Pearlie, attending non-religious functions in a religious place should make no difference to your faith, so long as no one is trying to convert you...? - Dave

  4. Susan, it certainly was :) and I thank God he was with me all along.

  5. Chee Ling,
    I don't too, and most of my Fri 13ths were uneventful, until now!