Saturday, February 07, 2009

Zeitgeist #2

I would like to take this time to take a snapshot of my bloggerland's zeitgeist - the interesting, the moving and one utterly frustrating.

Potential Knows No Boundaries
First and foremost, DugALug is back with a post 2 years after his last annoucement of sabbatical on Feb 14, 2007. He shares his wife's article which was written for a book titled "Children Have Strokes Too!". It is a story about their daughter, Elizabeth whose potential truly knows no boundaries.

The Four Kataks in the Silver State
This is the frustrating one - Reb posted about the current political turmoil in our country. One of our Malaysian state had its rug pulled out from under them, where four assemblymen from the Perakian government defected to Barisan Nasional and tipped the balance of power. The sultan of the state has, in the people's opinion unwisely decided for transfer of power rather than calling for snap elections.

The Sunday School Answer is Still the Best One
BK's post title caught my attention. He tells about how he got ambushed by a bullet-train-speed bombardment of questions after questions of the apologetic nature and how he finally tackled them the Sunday School way, so to speak.

Some "Silly" Quotes
Kar Yong quoted some seminary quotes you might find amusing. Here's one: If you are busy, you have bad time management. Hmm ... do you agree? In this current economical situation, being busy is in fact good news, or we'll be out of a job.

Value Parenting
Sze Zeng has something poignant to say about why we parents desire our kids to grow up to be doctors, engineers and lawyers. He asked a very thought-provoking question: how many contemporary parents want their children to grow up as doctors and lawyers because we aspire our children to help the sick and fight for justice?

Pastoral Misconduct
Kansas Bob posted a Christianity Today Poll on views about pastoral misconduct including sexual misconduct. Have you had a member of your church's pastoral staff leave because of misconduct? Should a pastor guilty of sexual misconduct ever be restored to pastoral ministry? What would be your view? The poll results are staggering.

Missing Pastors in Rural USA
Alex brought our attention to the fact that rural churches in the USA is grappling with a pastor exodus. Rural pastors are disappearing even faster than the general population, leaving graying congregations helpless in their time of greatest need.


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