Challenging God

In our bible study today we continued with the rest of John 8, where the dialogue between the Jesus and the Jews climaxed to the point where Jesus revealed his divinity and the Jews began to stone Jesus.

It is easy for us to berate the Jews but if we find ourselves in their shoes at that time, how would we have acted? Throughout the entire dialogue, we see Jesus welcoming their challenge. The more they challenged, the more Jesus revealed about the Father and his relationship with the Father. They challenged but they failed when they could not bear with the results of their challenges.

In the same way, when we are confronted by the revelations of God, can we challenge it? And if we do, can we live up to the results of the challenge?



  1. A good question Pearlie. Sometimes the results may be fatal? - Like disobeying parents. - Dave

  2. Dave,
    You are right -- it can be, but we must first ask for wisdom.


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