Sunday, March 22, 2009

Memorising Scripture

I find it hard to memorise Scripture. Most of the verses that I can recite now are the more “popular ones” and those I have committed to memory when I was a teenager. I wished I had memorised more then!

The top few passages I can recite without any problems are John 1:1, 3:16, Phil 4:6-7 and Prov 3:5-6. I can most probably do Psalms 23 as well but not without some slight difficulty, and maybe Psalms 1 if I tried hard enough and squint my eyes to activate the brain juice a bit more.

I need to do better.

Photo (c) 2007 Julia Freeman-Woolpert


  1. I agree, it gets harder but I still remeber the ones I learned as a child.

  2. I remember only the ones for Kid's EE gospel presentation. Now I don't know it but when I need to recite it, it somehow goes on auto-mode. :) Last time the CG used to have a BMV session and even quiz after 15 verses memorized. Maybe we should start that again. Your Friday bible study, too?

  3. Julia,
    Yup, wish we did more then eh? :)

  4. Melissa,
    How many verses then do you know by heart? Roughly?

    Nope, our Fri bible study, no memory verses. Most of us elderly - sure complain one! haha