Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ofio and Hammie

Calvin had been urging us to get him a hamster for a pet for awhile now. SH and I aren't good with animals and we were more afraid for the animals than anything.

But Calvin was persistent.

So we asked him to do some research on hamsters and give us a report on it. And he wrote this:
How to Care for Your Hamster
by Calvin Tan

Remember to choose the right hamster. Females are more aggressive than males. To care for your hamster you need to have a hamster wheel about 10” and a hamster ball as these are essential for your hamster’s exercise.

You need a block of wood for it to chew on, preventing its teeth from getting long. Empty toilet paper rolls are also good. Hamsters like big cages. Make sure the cages are big and hard as the hamster can bite through them.

A golden hamster will feel cramped in a 12” x 12” cage. Remember to clean the cages once a week. Keep the hamster’s cage in a high place if you have any cats as they might kill them. Remember to add tubes or other add-ons to the cage to make a hamster feel happy.

Hamsters like to sleep in shredded newspaper. Make sure you change the hamster’s food and water daily to make sure they don’t get ill. When you bring your new pet home, leave it there for 1-2 days to make it comfortable to its surroundings.

Hamsters like treats such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Peanut butter has a very strong smell and will attract hamsters from far. Hamsters also have a good sense of smell. Do not blow on to hamsters as they hate it and may bite you. Hamsters may also bite you if they feel angry or lonely. Hamsters are very playful and it is advised to get some toys for them.

So he got his hamsters today. He named them Ofio and Hammie.

Ofio is the one on the left, and Hammie is on the right. Ofio is the boy and Hammie the girl.

These rodents are hyper-active. We can't get them to calm down enough to get a better shot. This is the best shot so far of Hammie and we never got Ofio steady enough to take any shots.

Calvin is very happy.



  1. Well done Pearlie for getting Calvin to learn about the care of hamsters first. That was important. You realise that with a male and female you will soon have lots of hamsters? :) - Dave

  2. What a great idea to make him write a report first. Go Pearlie!

  3. Julia,
    It was SH's idea which I seconded the moment he brought it up. Calvin complained initially but we encouraged him, explaining to him what a report should consist of. He did some reading and start punching the keyboard and reproduced from memory what he read :)

  4. Dave,
    haha ... yes, we do realise about the possible baby hamsters. Calvin didn't want 2 females and he said that 2 males with fight. So we settled for one each.

  5. Alex,
    They are pretty smart too!

  6. 不肖生 Sceptics,
    Thanks :) we try.

  7. wow, good shots. ur macro lens?

  8. Melissa,
    Thanks :) The first one was taken with the kit lens and the second was with the 90mm macro lens.