Monday, March 02, 2009


I posted last Sunday about drum lessons - I only knew about it at the last minute and I suppose I did "crash" in for lessons. I was just told that they have places for only 4 students and I will have to wait the next round.

I am okay about it; just that this will the second time that I am being "kicked out" of drum lessons.

Many years ago, I actually had to apply via an application form for classes in a different church. I did - but received a rejection letter telling me that there was no place for me. I'm serious! No one came to talk to me, no one called me, just a letter, "there you go, you are not included".

I was quite hurt then but now, nah, it's alright. I took it as God saying "no" because I seriously do not have time for anymore hobbies in my life!



  1. since hillsongs come into picture, playing drum is no more easy task in church now.

    now we play alternative drum rythyme, instead of ordinary rock/disco type...

  2. haha ... i know so little about drumming, but it is those alternative stuff which are cool. My son is interested and I am now actively looking into getting him signed up for classes, not in church though.

  3. The famous quote "When God closes one door He always opens another." !! Wonder what that might be?

  4. Susan,
    Many times on hindsight, I am SO glad he closed those doors :) :)