Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Survey: The Malaysian Church Scene (update)

I am going to publish the results here quite soon, albeit just 20 churches. But if you think you can help further by providing me with your information (I am going to limit it to Malaysian churches), please email me. The more data I have the more valid the survey results will be.

Click here for the survey questions.

A note of thanks here also to Doug, Susan and Milly, for providing me information as well. Thanks guys, but I hope you'll understand that since data is limited on the non-Malaysian front, I will not be including them in.

Thank you!



  1. I just placed order with amazon, two books about USD60, the shipping cost in total is about USD15..

    correct charges? expensive!!!

    I wonder if I leave the corporate world, study full time seminary, then where got money to buy books anymore... sad case! dilemma

  2. yes, that is the correct charges -
    USD5 for shipment and USD5 for each of the books. 5+(2x5)=15.
    On your final note, exactly my same thoughts!