April Fool's Treat for the Soul

I have received an MPH voucher worth RM22, being rebate from the purchases I made in 2008. But since it was indicated there that I have to redeem it with the membership card, I did not bother because I do not plan to renew the membership.

I happen to be in MPH today and I decided to try it anyway. I argued that regardless of whether I am a member in 2009, I collected the points last year when I was. I got my way and off I went hunting for a book.

I did not have much time before I have to head back to the office and so I prayed. I prayed that God will drop “the perfect book” in my hands. I wanted a book on the soul and see what he got me:

Care for the Soul
Exploring the Intersection of Psychology and Theology
Mark R. McMinn & Timothy R. Phillips (eds)

Isn’t it perfect? I do have many books and journals to read right now, particularly for the purpose of completing my assignments on the Exile, and so this book will have to wait its turn.

But I will be back with a review of this soul book.

Happy April Fools!



  1. I am still trying to find the April fool trick

  2. If you are refering to the soul book :) no trick, but a treat ;)

  3. Glad you were able to redeem your points. Look forward to your review of this one.

  4. Hi Pearl,

    finally check thro your books, so intimidating... mostly heavy weight...and mostly I have not read before, partly because they are not translated to chinese..

    I got the 'three daughters of china', i like it so much, both chinese and english version..but Jung CHang the second book ' Mao", not that good leh...

  5. but one thing making me nervous is, you seem alienated from the literary critics,,,sad case,,,,

    you so equipped with reading capacity and literary aptitude, is most endowed to venture this area. how i wish I am gifted as you, in reading english...

  6. In the 1980's, literary approach has stormed the biblical studies, causing a paradigm shift.

    study methods flourishing, as: narrative analysis,post colonial, cultural reading, deconstructive approaches, and most interestingly, the feminist reading perspective,...are all branches of literary criticism...

    If you are interested, we can continue to discuss some ground breaking books in this area....

  7. literary critics is yet a virgin land in this region...

    Ppl like your background, good to go into feminist perspective reading...

    You may think of study in UK sheffield uni. that is the centre for literary studies, and soon, who knows, you be the first lady scholar of such field, in Malaysia..hehe..

  8. I confess my biases,,,

    I think the conventional biblical studies approach is already overcrowded with scholars,,, and saturated research papers...hehe..

    Literary approach is yet virgin land or right to say, more space to fit in new effort and research...

    most importantly, it is interesting, romanticising and relevant for application in postmodern setting..

    ppl of today, like reading and interpretation of text with literary appreciation, but weary of historical conjectures,hypothesis, findings....this is attested by the eclipsed of JEDP criticism...

    better stop here, Rabi is watching,,,hehe...

  9. Hi 不肖生 Sceptics,
    So you hv checked through my books :) thanks for dropping in. Intimidating? No lar ...

    and mostly I have not read before
    I'll tell you a secret -- neither have I! LOL ... I am one that buys the books when I find them, shelve them and later let them find me to read them. Reading to me is a very "moodzy" thing. Different kind of books appeal at different times of my life. So it is good to have a variety.

    I have not been reading books abt the Chinese in or from China for a long while now -- I have stopped purchasing them. I enjoyed reading one, then two but by the time I read the third, it's the same thing.

    you seem alienated from the literary critics
    I won't say I am alienated from it. I just haven't reached there yet. You recently commented I am Hebrew narrative major? lol ... far from it ... but I enjoy narrative in the Scripture. I suppose when I have dug deep enough into the different genres of Scripture, then I would gain more in reading literary criticism? At least that is what I think. Anyway, I still encounter it in the variety of books that I read. So, for the time being, I am ok.

    you so equipped with reading capacity ...
    Thank you for your kind words :) we all try our best. I shan't say I am without downtime either, like I am at a moment where my attention span is extremely short. Too much things in mind ... hope it will pass soon.

    If you are interested, we can continue to discuss some ground breaking books in this area
    Sure, you can email me at ngpearlie at yahoo dot com.

    the first lady scholar of such field
    !!! no,no ... you think too highly of me. I just wanna be a librarian! lol

    I think the conventional biblical studies approach is already overcrowded with scholars,,, and saturated research papers
    I told you I am going to be a librarian and I no research papers for me ;)

  10. sure, the reb is watching (or reading). literary criticism is not so new by now. just like any other tool, it has its heyday. today scholars have moved on to other areas like discourse linguistics using new study tools like performance criticism and speech act theory to study the bible e.g. book of isaiah.

    anyway, all these are tools which every biblical scholar should be aware of and learn to use. right now, the reb has a box of books on mikhail bakhtin! courtesy of a friend who is donating them to the stm library but the reb will go through them first. not sure who is bakhtin? google him and see.

  11. Ahhh! Reb IS watching.
    Behave ... behave ... lol
    Mikhail Bakhtin -- too cheem dy. Grotesque? History of laughter? Interesting.

  12. tks Rabi for open mind...literary method still new in this region, especially to the evangelicals...hehe..

    yes, i recently attended a talk by Sheffield scholar. he mentioned Bakhtin, mainly about the speech-act stuff you mentioned..

    thats beyond my grasp...

    God bless the rabi..

  13. "the reb is watching"...man, that's a scary thought.

    Is that like stalking? :)

  14. Hi Dr Tang,

    Eugene Peterson is very literary chap...I like his little book ,'leap over a wall",very much!

    Reading it, helped me craft many sermons..hehe..

    Thats talking about the life of David. He termed that, 'narrative spirituality".

    how you see it? since you are on spiritual theology...hehe

  15. Oooh, Bakhtin. I had to read some of his stuff as a first year undergrad, which was incredibly intimidating! Brings back some not-so-good memories of my rubbish essay...

  16. 不肖生 Sceptics,

    I like Eugene Peterson's work very much. He is like the sifu of spiritual theology and all his books are worth reading.


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