The John 10 Challenge
Complete Handbook of Voice Training

It has been a busy week and even though I have been telling myself to set some time to read up on John 10 in preparation for bible study on Friday, I only managed to start a little on it today. Now, John 10 is a toughie … it may sound simple but if you read it closely, you'll see that the parable refers to the one who enters by the door opened by the gatekeeper. And the one who enters is the shepherd to the sheep. Then Jesus explains that He is the door, and then He is the good shepherd. Multiple metaphors there: as such, I do look forward to learning a lot from this intriguing chapter.

Complete Handbook of Voice Training
by Richard Alderson

I also received delivery of my vocal training book today! (Though it did not come with the orange and blue jacket). I have ordered it via about a month ago. However, I now find that I do not quite appreciate buying books online. I got really excited when I saw the book, and even though I didn’t get to hold it physically, I got to read parts of it via and loved it. But now that I finally have the book, the excitement has since worn off. It will be for some time before I actually pick it up and start reading. But I still think I got myself an excellent book.



  1. vocal training?

    yu sing suprono?

  2. Yes, I sing soprano :)
    We are a group call Grace Notes and we do hv a blog here if you wanna take a look tho I've not updated it in awhile now.

  3. Oops... Problem with the link I think. It's

  4. I sing tenor... l like to listen to 3 tenors...

    I read no book on that, but got some training by a guru..hehe..

    now? only sing pop style in rock band...hehe,

  5. Wowie, if you were a bass we would have roped you in :P
    Which rock band are you in now? Have you been watching American Idol? Who's your favourite and who do you think is the worst?


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