Quiet for awhile

I am being very quiet.
At least for awhile.
Till then, let me meditate.
On the wonderful work.
Of the cross.

As it is with my practice, I will catch up and update on the missing dates when I come back, which should not be long.



  1. time to rest, is best time to focus reading...

    recomend you;;; Mieke Bal's "Death and Dissymetric"..

    Good piece of literary reading on Judges narrative...Ground breaking book...hehe

  2. Haha ... i learnt a new word -- dissymmetry -- I LiKe it!

    I will check this book out in due time. My son keep asking me to read from Judges these days.

  3. Also recommend; Phyllis Trible's "texts of terror".

    I am sure you like it. but dont think anywhere sell except buy on line..

    I believe we all now in postmodern age,it's age of narratives and interpretation...good-bye to dry, heavy weight, diachronic and droctrinal stuff ...hehe..reb watching..

  4. You are really one with the terror the merror titles -- Texts of Terror indeed :)


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