Monday, May 11, 2009

Games People Play, I'm OK—You're OK

As mentioned, I have become more active in my research on the topic of personality and psychoanalysis. I found these books in Borders yesterday and I bought them.

Games People Play,
The Basic Book of Transactional Analysis

by Eric Berne, MD
Ann first talked about this book in one of our chats and the title, Games People Play, got my interest. It was an old book, she said and so I left it be. Later in my course of work, I was reading up on Transactional Analysis only to discover that this was the book that started it all. I asked Ann to lend me hers but she could not locate her copy. So when I saw this in the bookstore, obviously I grabbed it, no questions asked. I am still reading it at the moment -- I must say that it is not an easy read. Berne tends to over qualify himself sometimes and he can get quite technical too and I have yet to get accustomed to psychology talk. And when he start explaining the games, I got quite impatient reading them. I need a stress-free day to slowly go through the games.

I'm OK—You're OK
by Thomas A. Harris, MD
Harris wrote this book three years after Berne's phenomenal success with his. Harris' proposition of the I'm OK—You're OK quadrant, based on Berne's Transactional Analysis theory, has become very popular. It is also been used in my course work. However, I find it very much misused and misinterpreted by people. And so, I look forward to digging into this book, when I finish with Berne's.

I look forward to my stress-free days ;)



  1. Pearlie,


    Have you finished your first two TYPE books? ;P The unequal numbers of books bought than read, is a call and cause for alarm lest it degraded into a mere selfish, covetous desire. *Aiseh*

    Anyway, I also bought a new book. Peace *sheepishly*. By Fukuyama, Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of Biotechnology Revolution. I hope it will be a good diversion my usual commentaries-turned-bedtime-stories.

    Also, maybe ... just maybe I am into sci-fi for now. It's a phase, I suppose. Especially after STAR TREK 2009 movie - which I think I will watch another time, but with good surround speakers.

  2. :P and I am contemplating another book - in ebook format some more.