Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Hard reading or soft reading?

Do you mind reading on the computer screen or better still, on your cellphone? Or would you rather read a real page-turning paper-crisp bound book?

I cannot decide.

I like to hold a real book in my hands, savour its story as I take in the aroma and sound of paper as I flip the pages.

But on the other hand, I like to have all my books with me at all times so that I can whip any one of them up and read it on the go.

I usually travel or commute with at least a book with me, to fill in the pockets of time and to get my reading going. On the flipside, I have also uploaded journal articles into my cellphone and I have by now gotten very used to reading on that thing.

My frustration is this: I could not find a better way to convert my books so that I can read them on my phone.

Any suggestions?

Buy e-books? Oh no! That is almost sacrilegious. Looks like whilst I am quite a techy, I am just not that techy yet.

Photo from: Amazon Kindle 2

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  1. I like the feel of touching books, smelling them, writing notes on them, while reading...

  2. Give me a book!!! I do not like to read on the computer except blogs & e-mails and a topic I want to find info on. No techy here!

    Besides you can't line your bookshelves with all those interesting book!!!

  3. 不肖生 Sceptics,
    Exactly, same here, plus the fact like what Susan said, lining them up on the shelves as well -- but time may change things.

  4. Susan,
    Me too - anytime! But I do have all 58 Word commentaries to various books of the bible in softcopy in my PC. Wish I could line my shelves with all the volumes but what I have instead is a small little box in a corner in my shelf -- safe space though! :D

  5. I rather curl up with a paperback anytime :P

  6. I still prefer paper to anything digital. As you've mentioned, the feel and smell of the book cannot be replaced. Now if only e-books have those features :).

    But on the traveling side, the cons outweigh the pros for paper bound books in terms of the possibility of carrying volumes with you. If i do travel i'd have to really choose the right book to carry with me (although i my hope would be to carry the book load!)

    But i think things like kindle do help in situations such as traveling. But only in that case for me. But I would still stick to the old fashioned way...paper books still rule.

  7. Melissa,
    I can also curl up with my cellphone and also read in the dark :P

  8. Tremonti,
    Hmm...maybe the new gadgets would be designed to emit paper aroma soon!

    The Kindle first appealed to me, but I'd rather not carry so many stuff. I used to carry a cellphone and a PDA, but after I got a phone that can do some stuff the PDA can (at that time, hybrids are not 'there' yet), I dropped the PDA.

  9. Curling up with ur cellphone is hazardous! :P Where's the fun? Would we ever review a book and say it is a "page turner" anymore? Hehe. I love paperback and will only resort to e-book upon having no other choice. :)