Have you ever gone to the cinema alone?

I have never ever gone to the movies on my own before. Never could do it because I would have no one to share it with, no one to laugh or even cry with, and I would feel odd laughing to myself. But -- a very big but -- I wanted to try it at least once, to see if my reasons were valid.

So I went today - alone - to watch the Star Trek movie. But I cheated - in a sense - I already watched it with SH and Calvin last week. Both of them are Star Trek fans and would kill me if I went alone without them.

The movie was excellent, one of the reasons why I wanted to go see it again. I also wanted to see it from a different angle now that I know the plot and the storyline, and to catch the parts I somehow have missed (only an INFP would truly understand why!).

Alex gave a good review of the movie here. He is obviously a much, much bigger fan than I am, hence it would be great if I could get him to sit in front of me and feed me some of the interesting stuff with regards with this new movie in relation to the entire Star Trek universe, like for example, what has changed in the first few seconds of the movie that is so apparent to hardcore Trekkies? Hmmm.

Anyway, the alone-experience wasn't all that bad. I didn't laugh since I knew all the scenes, so in the sense my reasons weren't that much tested. I will try it again, a movie that I would love to go see, that SH and Calvin wouldn't care much for.



  1. I'm getting FRUSTRATED. WHAT DID I MISS?!! Seriously, Pearlie, except for Spock it was an "oh-kaaay" movie for me. But the ratings are so high!!

    It is frustrating in a sense that everyone was talking about it animatedly, and I could not figure it out. I feel "alienated." :P

    Maybe I should watch it again. Tonight. And in a cinema with better screen and surround speakers that won't go blip every now and then.

  2. By the way, I often watch movie alone. :) No hassles, no waiting long hours and experiencing some kind of anxiety while waiting for the group to decide which day and time fits everyone - worst, if they will not make it - after all that opinion polling. Perhaps, I'm the type who would prefer to slot movies to my schedule than "find time" to watch them. Watching in a group is OK too. But, it's hard to find like-minded movie buffs.

  3. Honestly. It was a bad movie. I did not enjoy it. It was a good storyline but the acting was not what I expected.

  4. ha,ha, I used to go movie alone,,,not a big deal,,,

    two days ago, I went to watch "angel and demon", I rate it a good movie,,,much better then 'davinci code".

    after the movie, I sensed the urge of joining catholic clergy...serious..!

  5. I did go alone once one afternoon and was the only one in the theater! It was fun.

  6. :( :(
    Am I the ONLY one who cannot stand the idea of going to the cinema alone???:) :)

  7. Sakthi,
    What were you expecting from the acting?

  8. Julia,
    LOL ... only one? -- that would have seriously freaked me out! haha ... either that or I could imagine the whole theater my living room!

  9. Melissa,
    We are poles apart on this one ;)

  10. I liked the movie too. Went to the new Terminator movie on Thursday and a gal from church was watching by herself.. she joined my buddy and I.

  11. Bob,
    Terminator - maybe not. Nor the new Transformer movie. I think I have surpassed my movie ration :)


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