Korean Dramas

What is it with Korean dramas, Cantonese serials or soap operas? I used to be quite into Cantonese serials but not anymore. I don't remember much of what I have seen and as such, they are a complete waste of time. Are there any good life lessons to be learnt out of them?



  1. Ouch... touchy post. :)

    I'm a K-drama fan, but I am still selective of the dramas I watch. Most of the good ones are never aired in the local TV stations anyway -- partly because they cater to different minds and age group. They are not the typical love conquers all after you lost your memory or that someone ended up brothers and sisters and cannot be together or that the last quarter of the drama is about one lover waiting to die from an incurable disease. Those which I like best are fun and not at all depressing as I have mentioned. More importantly, there are still some life lessons to be learnt – although some of the culture, I may at times disagree with.

    If you are willing to keep an open mind, I send you one called Dal Ja Spring.

    P.S.: Plus, crying and laughing -- which you can do both as you watch these soaps -- they say are therapeutic :)


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