Last Two Standing

I missed American Idol today because of Grace Notes rehearsal and so I caught up on the reviews instead in my AI review staple, Everyone has predicted Kris to leave but I'm saying that Adam and Kris will be the last two standing. Just couldn't see Allison's fans voting for Danny and according to the review of the performances, Kris was spectacular and Danny was dead last. I'll see if I'm right tomorrow and I'll be glued to the TV this Saturday watching the repeat.


14/5/09 update: I was right!!! Woohoo!!! HaHah!!!


  1. Very insightful.. I thought Chris was toast. Who do you pick next week?

  2. Based on the same assumption that fans of the ousted contestant would now be choosing whom to vote, I don't see Danny's fans voting for Adam and so Kris would win. We'll see ;)


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