Good apples and good oranges

I have been chatting with Daniel on and off over the email on Personality Typing since April. We finally met up today, and he gave me a good introduction on the subject to start me of on my quest to be a type practitioner. There is still so much to learn but I think I am getting somewhere, I hope.

Human personality is such an intriguing thing. God made us different and it amazes me how different we are when compare ourselves with each other - what excites us, how we deal with information, how we decide on issues and how we order our lives. However, whatever our personalities, our core principles still makes us who we are.

You may be an apple and I an orange, but we both better have what's inside to make us a good apple and a good orange.

Photo (c) 2005 John Moore


  1. It all comes from the heart doesn't it, and the seed!!!!!

  2. Susan,
    It indeed comes from the heart and whatever that is in the heart will soon show -- whether it is good or bad.

  3. Alex,
    Oh yes, of course, how could I miss that out ;)


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