Movie: Night at the Museum 2

Calvin is still having his school holidays and so I took an extra day off today to spend it with him. He wanted to Night at the Museum 2, and off we went to the cinema. The movie was quite hilarious. But that’s about all I can say about it.



  1. I think this is a profound movie, i explained that to my sons...

    it says that, happiness comes from, when people doing the things which he likes, given him satisfaction , and able to accomplished great things out of it.

    Thats why we see that, the guy is not happy even as succesful business man, then he sold everything to help to maintain the museum status quo, and then he returned to be musuem to work as care taker.

    and it also shows that many great people with their legacy being remembered in the museum, eg: lincoln, lady pilot and etc..

    they are our role models...

    this is best lesson for young ppl today as well as christians today, who chasing wealth gospel, lost themself in money, fame and lust of the world , missing the direction and calling of life;plainly living a mediocle life...

  2. I see your points but I wouldn't call the movie profound though :P


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