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Melissa had once chided me for being gadgetry in my discipline of prayer, when I told her that I used my phone calendar to remind me of my prayer list for the week. I am guilty of it. But wouldn't it be good to use whatever tools there are to help us--especially people like me who cannot keep a fixed schedule--to improve our practice of the Christian discipline.

I found this today: The Echo Prayer Manager

From its homepage, "pure and simple, Echo is a tool to help you pray more diligently." And that is what I need. With Echo, I can created a prayer list, set times throughout the week for reminders, and Echo will email me one prayer at a time from the list I prepared.

I am still trying it out and since I check my email almost every hour with my iPhone, I hope to spend more time to be faithful in prayer, and to set myself to stand before God in the gap on the behalf of the land (Eze 22:30).



  1. LOL! If ever (which is a BIG IF) I become an Abbess and get to "revive" the Monastic Movement among the Protestants, I guess I'll have to put you in the waiting list indefinitely ... cos there should be no gadgets in monastery (except in the Abbess' room)! Hehe ...

  2. Oh yes we must all stand in the gap, praying for the land and praying for Jerusalem.

  3. Susan,
    Yes, and you reminded me of this worship song written by Teo Poh Heng, whom I believe is from Singapore:

    Won't You Lord,
    take a look at our hands?
    Everything we have
    use it for Your plans
    Won't You Lord,
    take a look at our hearts?
    Mould it, refine it,
    as You set us apart

    We want to run to the altar
    and catch the fire
    To stand in the gap
    between the living and the dead
    Give us a heart of compassion
    for a world without vision
    We will make a difference
    bringing hope to our land

    We will answer the call
    To build this church without walls
    Let Your glory be shown
    Bring salvation to the lost
    to the lost!

  4. Melissa,
    Well, even the nuns must also keep up with technology :P

  5. Hi Pearlie - I know this blog post is from about 5 years ago, but I just wanted to share with you and your readers that we're about to launch a new version of Echo Prayer!

    It's a free iPhone app with the same mission as the website - to help people organize their prayer lives and pray more effectively.

    It will come out on June 10th, and you can get it or read more about it here:

    (If you'd like a pre-release version of it to try now, let me know!)


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