Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Driving up north: KL to Penang

I will soon be going on a short holiday driving up north for a couple of days with my cousin sister. I am thinking of stopping in Kampar, Ipoh, Taiping and Penang. If you have any suggestions where we should go, please do let me know - places that are not crowded and not so expensive, and especially where there is great food, and great photography subjects and view.

I was googling about for some information and found this from Expat Singapore on eleven road rules when driving in Malaysia, which I found so true that it is hilarious. Apparently the author has obtained them based on painful experience:
  1. If you think you've found it the first time, you're probably lost.
  2. "Jalan Sehala" means "one-way street," so stop wondering why you keep seeing the same Sehala Road.
  3. Road signs work on a backtracking system. Seeing a sign probably means that you've just missed the turning.
  4. Different maps may mark the same spot differently.
  5. Maps are symbolic representations of territory that may or may not correspond with reality.
  6. Just because the policeman smiled at you and gave you detailed instructions does not always mean he is right.
  7. Just because it is a one-way street where you're on doesn't mean the road can't change into a two-way street.
  8. The place you want to visit will be on the other side of the road.
  9. If you're on the right side of the road, you will not be able to find a parking spot.
  10. "Straight ahead" is a relative term.
  11. To turn right, you may have to keep left.



  1. You should definitely go to Kuala Kangsa - north of Ipoh. It is a beautiful Malaysian city and was the first capital of the country, I believe. It still has the original state building, and Malaysia's first rubber tree. And there is a place by the river that serves the best Ice Kacang. It was one of my favorite places in Malaysia. I also loved Cameron Highlands - there was an excellent local tea shop that had the best roti with curry gravy and great tea tarak. The tea farms that surround Cameron Highlands are amazing. I am so envious of you!

  2. Excellent! Kuala Kangsar would be an excellent place to drop in. I have not been there in a long long long time, IF I have ever been there before :) we used to ply the trunk road before the highways were up.

    Yup, Cameron Highlands is a lovely place and it would rank as one of my top places in Malaysia to visit. But I would give it a pass this round since I have been there quite a number of times and this time I thought it'd be adventurous to go to places we have not or rarely go to.

    BTW, are/were you Malaysian?

  3. Hi Pearlie,

    Do drive all the way to Penang. I know you gonna love our island with all its beauty, splendor and colorful way of life. Especially in Georgetown.

    And if you get adventurous and want to see more of surrounding Penang, read more from here.

    Have fun.


  4. Hey Pearly :) :)
    I took a look at your photo - you look so vibrant! (as all Pearly's/Pearlie's do! haha)

    Thanks for the suggestion and the link. I will look it up.

    I suppose it is because it is only a 3-day-2-night trip and Penang is further up north and the fact that we very often drive pass Perak and go to Penang for holidays :) so we thought we'd miss Penang this round. But our plans are still open, I am not the planning-planning and everything-set kinda person and I think my cousin is also open -- so anything can happen. And so I will read up the link and see what happens!

    Thanks again!

  5. Great, if you drive past Kepala Batas or Bertam after Sungai Dua toll, my stop is the first pit stop in Bertam exit 166.

    Write to me in my web site "Keep in touch" page and maybe we can take you around to see the whispering fish auction in Kuala muda or Lembah Bujang, the indian archeological museum in Merbuk. Maybe take you up to Hot spring in Baling for a dip.

    Everything is possible, YA!

    dream what you dare to dream,Go where you want to go, be what you want to be....LIVE!!!


  6. Thanks Pearly for the offer. Looks like I need to do some planning after all. I thought we'd just go blind :)

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