Maths and Science Back to BM

I have just found out that the Cabinet has decided that the medium of instruction for Maths and Science in our national schools will be reverted to Bahasa Malaysia from 2012 onwards. I was hoping against hope that it will not happen, but it has. Whilst we have been forward looking in introducing the Teaching of Math and Science in English programme six years ago, the government has decided that it was a flop and will be reverting back to teaching them in Bahasa Malaysia.

Calvin has been learning Maths and Science in English since he started school. While he is doing well in these subjects, his command of Bahasa Malaysia has been lacking. Based on the news report, I do not think he will be affected by the change and will still be doing his Maths and Science in English, but I cannot be too sure. Anything can change.

For more, see these reports in the The Star and The Malaysian Insider, and here for an interesting look at the statistics (let me know if you need some translation).



  1. Hi Pearlie, it's sad but understandable considering that 80%of teachers are not fluent in English. I am glad that at least English literature is re-introduced with emphasis on grammar and composition.

  2. Yes, I do agree. It is apparent that the programme was not planned and implemented properly. And what's worse, it is to the detriment of the students. But whatever it is, through all the years and all the experience, we are now so adept to play whatever cards dealt.

    Anyway, I've never had English lit during my school days -- I didn't even have world history. So I make do and read more now.

  3. hii Pearlie
    how r u doing
    Hows huband and calvin doing
    All well here

    In Chennai, TamilNadu, where i live, they have made a subject, Tamil (the language of the state)compulsory. Its very difficult as i dont know it myself and cant imagine teraching Tarun. For me its only one subject that Tarun has to learn, but having to learm math and Science in the regional language is bad. i know perfectly well how you feel. English speaking, any day is important.

  4. Hi Anooja!
    How are you? We are all good, thanks for checking up on us.

    Oh, the Indians here speak Tamil, and I know a couple of words in Tamil :)


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