Friday, July 31, 2009

Ministry in a Pluralistic Context - Day 4

We were given an introduction about Buddhism and in the video clip we watched, I realised a few things about my encounters with the Buddhists.

It dawned on me that when we dialogue with a Buddhist, the way we talk about Christianity and its main tenets have no way of latching on to their train of thought.

For one, Buddhism teaches the value of all kinds of life and therefore it is not right from them to kill any living things. And here we go talking about sacrifices in the Old Testament and the sacrifice of the Lamb of God.

The Buddhists have a thoroughly different concept of sin. They do not believe there is a God and therefore there is no judge. They do good and as long as they do not hurt anyone, they do not sin. So they do not have an understanding of falling short of the glory of God.

One of the main tenet of Buddhist beliefs is that salvation or Nirvana is the responsibility of one's own self. It does not make sense to them to have someone else do that on their behalf.

We have much to know about the other religions before we can even dialogue with them and share to them about Jesus.


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