Oh! To a seminary

I have been checking out Joshua's blog to see how he is coping with seminary life and I must say he made me miserable. Why? Because I wished I were there.

First Class on OT Introduction: I wish I can write on all and submit all ... And guess what? I already had disagreement with my lecturer in the first class.

Why Am I in Theological College?: I am at a theological college to ponder over my existence, behavior, and the world around me.

Again, I wished I were there.



  1. Ah ha! So there is the closet seminarian speaking in you :)

    Btw, have you set down a plan on going full time? If yes, so far, how's it progressing?

  2. Hear, hear ... but there is still time for it. It is not impossible yet. Hope, this will cheer you up.

  3. Pearlie,
    Just rub it in (meant in a nice way) I'm in seminary now as well! So jump in the seminary bandwagon so you don't have to do too much wishing.

  4. Joshua,
    Closet seminarian, eh? Not that bad, I am at least a part-time one ;)

    I assume you are talking about going full time in ministry ... well ... there had been some false starts, and so I am still waiting on the Lord :) or at least I think so!

  5. Melissa,
    We can't have it all - that's life.

  6. Hey Tremonti,
    I have been following your getting into seminary too :) good going!

    I can't quite just jump into the bandwagon with numerous strings (more like ropes!) still attached. But I am thankful for places like STM that offers part-time courses to "stuck in rut" people like me.

  7. It's never too late, Pearlie.

    Part-time is good....you can go all the way to MDiv...!!

  8. Kar Yong,
    It's never too late
    Yeah, I believe that :)

    Part-time is good....
    Yes I am indeed thankful!

    you can go all the way to MDiv...!!
    Errr ... which will only come about in 5 more years?? I am still 6 modules short to graduate in MCS.
    Sounds like still a loooong way to go at the rate I am going!

  9. I recall my quarter life crisis when i considered whether to go seminary full time... as i probed my motives, one of the reasons is to find my identity, my reason for being and what God has called me to do... and along the way, i heard someone remarked that too many seminarians had a bad time (disillusioning time) in seminary bcos they do so for these reasons... instead of equipping oneself for a calling, they went in to 'find' their identity etc which should be resolved beforehand.

    That's one way of looking at it from another part timer hehe

  10. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for making me feel better! ... in a way, it just wasn't our time then.


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