I joined Facebook last year because I thought if I can't beat 'em, might as well join 'em.

Calvin joined Twitter yesterday and I thought I had better see what it is all about, so I'd at least know what he is really getting into.

And I think I am liking it. Whilst I am not really one who would update the world (almost) on what I am doing every other day, I like being updated with tweets from Star Online and Time Magazine.

I am only a day-old Tweeter. I'll see how it goes. I am about given up on Facebook.



  1. You can always feed Facebook from Twitter :)

  2. Nah ... :) I rarely "tweet" in FB anyway. FB for me was just to see what/how my friends are doing once in awhile.

    About tweeting, I was just about to say that I read a quote somewhere and suddenly remembered, it was in your tweet! A wise man has something to say while a fool has to say something. So I am not sure if I have anything to tweet ;)

    I will retweet your tweet just for the hang of it ! hahah

  3. btw, I'm danesh on Twitter :-)

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Hey Danesh!
    Thanks and I am already following you when I started on Twitter :-)


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