You'll see why I am utterly incensed

I just came back from a total waste of my time – what I thought was a play-the-piano-by-ear workshop only to end up attending a session where someone gave a sales pitch about how she benefited from a play-the-piano-in-the-shortest-time-possible course, complete with a video show packed with student testimonies. Yes – testimonies – what irony.

I know I am being mean-spirited – you can even call me a bigot if you want but when I see people use the Christian faith and spirituality to promote a business, I’d go ballistic. I am all for proper training of musicians to serve in churches, don’t get me wrong. When I was placed in charged of a team of worship enablers in my previous church, I have arranged classes for some of them. I have even managed to engage a non-Christian who was willing to give lessons to the pianists on how to play with improvisation at no cost. But if you use spirituality to sell your products and services, it’s utterly despicable.

Come on, “these classes means more because when we come together, we also pray together and encourage one another in the faith”? When in the world did prayer and fellowship become so cheap, that you can just throw it in like freebies and hey, this is a great investment for the church?

And, “God has blessed me with this framework and system that will train more pianists for the churches, and it can train even those with no musical background to play the piano in 18 months. Oh by the way, it costs RM3200”? God has blessed you with it? Then bless others with that blessing without having to turn it into a business, for goodness sake.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t charge for your services, I mean you still need to cover your costs and operating expenses, but please for goodness sake, don’t use Christianity to make money.



  1. WHOA! I feel ya, lady ... but hope you would have cooled down by now. You didn't turn the tables and say, "you brood of vipers" did you? :P

    Cool down, OK? Yes, I do agree with you that it wrong to mislead others in such a way ... perhaps, confront her personally (after you tie that rottweiler self, first, and not bark). Say the truth in love. All the best!

  2. I am a wee bit more impatient than usual I have to admit :) getting old? PMS? Menopause? or just being plain ol' me in a slump period? :P
    I am ok, just that when my values I hold on to are being compromised, I get really mad. But also being who I am, I am the person who'd wouldn't blow up on-site, and I did not turn any tables or say, "you brood of vipers". I am not sure what I should do other than vent because the lady who were there were not employed by the company but is a student and wanted to help "spread" the "good" news. How great it would be for the kingdom of God if their good news is the Gospel of Christ. What more, the people who are doing this are pastors from KK.

  3. :) I guess that's seasonal, in part. :P Hope you enjoy your Grace Notes trip to Sitiawan. We may not be able to say much or do much, but we can always pray ...

  4. I'm sorry for your experience. There are a lot of 'groups' that leverage Christianity for the purposes of profit. It is very annoying.

    Hopefully people will give them feedback (in a loving manner) to let them know that this is/was inappropriate.

    God Bless

  5. I would go ballistic as well if i was there. This is despicable!

    Not sure if that's influenced by the many multi-level-marketing that have been plaguing Malaysian's society in the past few years.

  6. Doug,
    Yes, I hope so too. I have voiced it up to my church leaders and I'll see how to go from there.

  7. Joshua,
    At least someone's with me on the ballistic part :) Though I did not act up during the session.

    Not sure if that's influenced by the many multi-level-marketing that have been plaguing Malaysian's society in the past few years.
    I think it is plainly the influence of wealth? What they do do not resemble MLMs.


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