Saturday, August 29, 2009

Do social networks make people self-obsessed?

Check out this article in BBC News, Status Update: Who cares? (BBC News, Thursday, 27 August 2009 12:49 UK).

I may not Facebook much or send Tweets at all, but I do blog everyday. So I'm self-obsessed? I wonder ...

I started blogging in March 2006. I began with the purpose to just express my thoughts, nothing more than that, and todate, the purpose hasn't changed much. I blog because I needed a place to put down my mullings and going public through a blog gives me a sense of quality check as far as my writing is concerned and more importantly to have blogger friends to kind of as a monitor of my thoughts. So far so good.

I have joined Facebook in 2007, and after spending a couple of months getting connected with friends and playing with the applications and games, my interest waned. I log into Facebook very rarely. But since I started using the iPhone in April, I have been checking it a bit more often but more as a lurker, just to find out what has been happening with the people.

I have registered with Twitter only a few months ago. I think I only tweeted once and retweeted some. But what I really like about Twitter is that I have turned it into a news feed, and I have never been so updated with the current news and events ever before in my life.

And did you know that there is this macroblogging site call Woofer? If the 140 character in Twitter is too few for you, try out the minimum 1400 character Woofer. What will they come out with next?



  1. I've stuck with just the blogging. I started in late January 2007 and I still enjoy it. I especially appreciate all the wonderful people I have met, like you Pearlie!!!!

  2. P.S. To answer the question!!!! Rather than making us self-obsessed I believe it makes us more out-reaching and aware of the bigger view and world than our own little corner of experience and location.

  3. Hi Susan,
    And I keep getting the temptation to stop blogging! It is taking quite a bit of time and that is very lacking lately, but I will still stick on with it, I hope for long.

    And I have met so many too, you included!!! (((hugs)))

    Yes, I suppose in blogging, we have more space to express our thoughts and engage with others - it is much more enriching. It is possible with Facebook too but more limiting. Twitter is good as "tweets", for lack of a better word! haha