Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Food Week Day #2

We were at Decanter Bukit Damansara today for our Day 2 of Food Week and Calvin had a great time.

First he had the carrot soup and half a dozen of escargot. As usual the mommy forgot to take photos, until it was too late. The soup was good, the escargot wasn't.

He ordered the Cheesy Sandwich for his main meal. He enjoyed it. I ordered the Stewed Oxtail - no good. It was regretful.

For dessert, Calvin went against my advice and ordered the Hot Banana Pancakes. I was glad he did because it was utterly delicious. Again, the mommy was so eager to eat, she forgot to take a picture! This photo is "borrowed" from www.peggychow.com. I also ordered one of my favourite - the affogato, it couldn't taste any better.


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