Monday, August 24, 2009

Food Week Day#1

School holidays have begun and the beauty of it this time, Calvin has his mommy at home the whole week!

We did not make any travelling plans but thought that since Calvin is some sort of a food connoisseur (the truth is, he just loves to eat), we could make this a food week and try something new everyday, or something we have not tried in a long time.

Our plans are not concrete and so we inadvertently began with San Francisco Coffee. Calvin loved their Fettucinne Carbonara but have not eaten there for awhile now. And so it was a very nice start to the food week.

Fettucinne Carbonara for Calvin, Roasted Chicken Bagel and Caramelatte for me. Yummy!

And here's to a great week and hope we don't get any pinches*.


* Pinches is a word coined by Calvin. In Malay it means "jelak". I am not sure if there is an English word for it. It means a feeling that you get when you have eaten too much of something that you just don't feel like eating anymore of that particular food. The thought of it can even make you nauseous.


  1. Have a nice week and dont let the thought of ''adding calories '' spoil the fun ;-D

  2. Thanks Anooja :) but I am counting calories :( am trying to lose some weight!