Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ministry in a Pluralistic Context - Day 6

We discussed about Islam today, its three major sects, the Sunni, Shi'ite and Sufi. The Sufi sect is quite interesting -- they are the mystics of the Islam religion. Their thoughts and activity as a result of their belief can be quite beautiful.

Ruth showed me this poem written by a 7th century Sufi:

If I worship you in fear of Hell, burn me in it
If I worship you in hope of Paradise, exclude me from it
But If I worship You for your own Being,
don't withhold from me your everlasting beauty

~ Rabiah Al-Adawiyah

Now, isn't that so beautiful?



  1. Consider how common it is in our evangelistic approach to motivate people to believe in Christianity due to fear of hell :)

    Fear of hell is one motivation but it cannot be the only nor the primary motive. Love God with all our being because God is who He is - thats the great commandment that sums up the entire law

  2. I liked it Pearlie.. speaks to our motives.

  3. Hi Dave,
    In a dialogue, it is the last thing to bring up :) but I must say I hv done it before when I was very very young!!!

  4. Bob,
    The thoughts and writings of the Sufi is not unlike ours :)

  5. pearlie, just to say i'm really enjoying this series!

  6. Good to know that BK,
    I was being succinct though, but glad you enjoyed it nonetheless :)