Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Must Watch: Pixar/Disney's Up

We watched the new Pixar's movie Up and absolutely loved it! I was engaged in the movie from beginning till the end. I got teary eyed in the beginning and towards the end, it made me cry - and it wasn't easy wearing 3D glasses!

Ratatouille was Pixar's best until this one.



  1. Yup ... I found it hard to stifle my tears as well and drove home crying! Which is a rare thing indeed...

    P.S. And can almost imagine that it's Calvin in there in that Wilderness Explorer outfit. He [Russell] looks like him, talks like him ... but er, is not him. :P

  2. Heheh ... I have a picture of Calvin posing next to Russell's poster.

  3. We loved it too.

    I have to admit, that when he put the pop-cap pin on the little boy, I was glad the theater was dark!

    God Bless

  4. Doug, for me it was when he reached the spot and was looking through the scrapbook that got me :)