Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My first so-called photo shoot "job"

Sue asked me a favour to take photos for her catering business. And so I had a blast today in her house taking hundreds of shots of the finger food she had so painstakingly prepared.

First, I had a field day with the bruschettas. I took these the most because being amateurish with photography, I had to get used to the place, the lights and all.

Then there were the fruit tarts. There were more shots but my favourites were these couple of closeups.

Taking photos of brownies proved to be the most challenging of all. It is just so difficult to bring life of out a blob of chocolate mass. But I think these look alright.

And with a glass of milk with an angle, I quite like this shot.

The cookies were no brainers. Though I still think something is missing.

Then the oh so glorious cupcakes - I adore them, and they were super delicious too!

And if I really have to choose, off all 330 shots, these two are my most favourite ones.

Check out Sue's website here: Scrumptious simple indulgence
(if it is not up yet, check it out later)

Photos (c) 2009 Pearlie Ng


  1. Pearlie! These are beautiful. My tummy just said, "RRRRumble!"

  2. Thanks Missy -- it was amusing to me when after I posted these that I read your latest post, I know ... I have been lagging in catching up with blogs.

  3. Great job. I admire good photography. I'm not good at it at all but still take and use a lot of pictures because they tell their "story".

  4. Yummy! Sign me up! I want some!

  5. Thanks Susan :)
    I think you do have a good eye for photographs and yes, they do tell a story. That is what I love about it.