Friday, August 07, 2009

Second day of being unemployed is book day!

The second day of being unemployed turned out to be a book day! Yippee! And all these books have one thing in common. See if you noticed it.

Here Comes Everybody
The Power of Organizing Without Organizations
by Clay Shirky
I happened to be in Borders while waiting for a friend f0r lunch. This book caught my attention the moment I stepped into the store and started reading it. I was into the 10th page by the time my friend arrived. It was such a good read I had to get it so I continue reading it. The book begin with an account of how someone who had lost her mobile PDA phone got it back within 10 days not through any organisations but through the masses, through blogs, Digg, and tweets and what nots. The person who picked up the phone in the cab where she left it who refused to return it was in the end arrested by the NYPD.

The New Black
Mourning, Melancholia and Depression
by Darian Leader
I got this book by happenstance. As Borders would have it, Shirky's Here Comes Everybody comes with a 20% discount with another purchase. There weren't many in the same 20% discount section to choose from but this book looks interesting.

Why do People Get Ill?
by Darian Leader
I scanned through Leader's The New Black and found that he had written Why do People Get Ill? I gave it a scan and thought it might be a good read. I have started on it and I am now about 1/3 way through. I think I am regretting this buy. The author tried to tie in illnesses with the mind but most of the examples he gave were hard to believe and almost anecdotal. Maybe he has something here, but I am still not buying it.

Buddhist Scriptures
Penguin Classics
by Donald Lopez, ed.
I need to begin my paper on Ministry in a Pluralistic Context already. I have decided to work on Buddhism though I have not narrow it down to the topic. And since I was in Borders, I browsed at the Religion rack and found Penguin Classics' Buddhist Scriptures. Being an ardent student of the Bible, I thought it would be interesting to read this in comparison.