Tuesday, August 18, 2009

SUFES on sale?

I received an sms from Daniel last week informing me that SUFES, one of my favourite bookstores, in on sale. I plan to forget about it but Noel sent me this sms yesterday:

I did not go to SUFES today and I did not buy WBC on Exodus, The History of The Christ by Schlatter, The Moody Handbook of Theology by Enns, etc. I did not spend more than 350 ringgit. Pearlie must not not go there! Note the double negative. Substantial books are not not going at 15% off the normal price. When are you not going?

Obviously he was in denial and it is obvious to me that he did buy all those books. I called him up this morning and before we knew it, we find ourselves in SUFES contentedly browsing through the shelves.

I got these:

The Lotus and the Cross
Jesus Talks with Buddha
by Ravi Zacharias
Noel told me about this book which he said was excellent. I look forward to reading it since I am afterall to do an assignment on Buddhism.

The Compact Guide to World Religions
by Dean C. Halverson, ed.
I was reluctant to get this - I am not really a fan of "compact books". But I give in on this one so that I can have a quick read on the major religions of the world

The Apologetics Study Bible
Holman Bible Publishers
For whatever reasons I decided to walk to the bible section and Noel followed me. I was telling him about The Message when his eyes spotted this study bible and nothing could pry it out of his hands. I thought it would be a handy bible to have and so I got one too.



  1. O wow, how long is the sales on ? Got 15%, 50% discount???

  2. Hi, just want to let you know that STM library has some very good books on buddhist-christian dialogue etc.

  3. Chee Keat,
    Until end of the month but not sure which date - 20 something. Most books are off 15%. There are some books off 80% but I suppose you will not be interested in them. The NIV Study Bible is off 50% though.

  4. Thanks Chee Ling,
    I will see if I can take a trip down to Seremban this week ... but I have not really decide what to do yet ... sigh ...

  5. Phew! For a moment I thought they are selling SUFES!

  6. Alex,
    Ooops ... sorry :)
    I should say Sale in SUFES, eh?

  7. Just finished reading Ravi Zacharias' book. Didn't really find it helpful. In fact, I feel Buddha was portrayed in a negative light in a few instances. If I'm a Buddhist, I'll be offended.

    Tennent's book is much better and is really a good example how a dialogue should take place. There are no unnecessary remarks made. It really focus on the issues. You walked away without feeling that he has put down someone's religion though their beliefs may seem to be inconsistent.

    Currently reading 'The Foundations of Buddhism' by Rupert Geithin, which is the book recommended by Kang San.

  8. sp,
    I am halfway through Zacharias book - yup, no big deal. I have not reached the part where you mentioned it in negative light. But I have listened to RZ in person before - on hindsight, he wasn't much of a "roundtable" person when talking about other religions.

    Yes, I agree TT's book is much better in addressing the differences.

    I have ordered a copy of RG through Chris -- I hope to get it soon.

  9. Wahlau, no income can still buy books ah? Hehe ... 15% off -- still not tempting la considering how they price the books? After I busted about RM500 on my first trip to SUFES, I insaf habis-habisan dy. If all the books scream 50%, then only will I drop my bike-customizing project and wire you all my dough and have you send it over. :P

  10. Melissa,
    Sigh ... I have more time and less money but still spending ... you must shoot me.