Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What happens to me online after I die

I know the title of this post sounds morbid - and I had to change the usual second person address back to first person. It was during Weng Hung's wake service that I brought this up with SH, that it will be a good idea to include important online information in wills for easy access. He just smiled but I kept thinking about it.

Then I read this recent Time article. What do you think?

How to Manage Your Online Life When You're Dead
By Gaƫlle Faure Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009



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  2. Hii Pearlie

    After death stuff sounds like a lot !! Phew !!

    Caught up with ur latest updates...
    looks like u had a good trip.. and the catering photos.. are really really lovely.. ur good :) All the best and God Bless.

  3. Hi Anooja!
    Yeah ... and it was weird thinking about it. My thoughts went, yup, when I die, I need to tell ... when I realise I wouldn't be able to do anything at all! My friend who passed on was around my age - got me thinking a bit.

    Thanks for your kind words :) I do like photography and I do try my best

  4. Umm... I think I'm going to keep posting/commenting after I'm dead. ROFL.

    God Bless