Saturday, September 05, 2009

Do you know this song?

I was practising for worship tomorrow with a very young and talented pianist. During a short break, I shared with her some stories and songs of the good ol' days.

I sang her this song. How many of you actually know it? I can't even find it on!

Christ is the Lord
Christ is the Lord of the smallest atom,
Christ is the Lord of outer space,
Christ is the Lord of the constellations,
Christ is the Lord of every place;
Of the furthest star, Of the coffee bar,
Of the length of the Berlin Wall;
Of the village green, Of the Asian scene
Christ is the Lord of all;

Christ is the Lord of the human heart beat,
Christ is the Lord of every breath,
Christ is the Lord of a man's existence,
Christ is the Lord of Life and death.

Christ is the Lord of our thoughts and feelings,
Christ is the Lord of all we plan,
Christ is the Lord of man's decision,
Christ is the Lord of total man;
In the local street, Where the people meet,
In the church or the nearby hall;
In the factory, in the family,

Christ is the Lord of all;
Christ is the Lord of our love and courtship,
Christ is the Lord of man and wife,
Christ is the Lord of the things we care for,
Christ is the Lord of all our life.


p/s 13 Apr 2016: someone finally posted it on YouTube and linked me to it in the comments below. Thanks Lip Yen! I really appreciate it.


  1. Of the furthest star, Of the coffee bar,

    Heh now that is one that I think might cause a bit of a stir at my church

  2. Hey Pearlie.......i learned it long ago in my Vacation Bible School......may be around 15yrs was nice to find the same on this blog......thanks for posting it!!

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  4. Hey...for me, it was more than 25 years ago :) ... and you are welcome... do drop by once in awhile though I have not so active lately.

  5. Can you possibly record this song and post it on YouTube. I mean with music and words.

  6. I am sorry for the delay in publishing your comment. For reasons unbeknownst to me, all my comments became moderated! it on YouTube? I am not sure...haha...tell you what...I am not sure after such a delay, if you are still here. I will see if I can do it if you reply to this :)

  7. This hymn was taught to us by The Late Rev. Dr. D.T. Niles in 1966 at the St. Peters Methodist Church, Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Since then it has been one of my favourites.

  8. Hi Lucky,
    Some things certainly brings back memories for us...especially those good ol' one a long time ago.

    Thanks for commenting and God bless you!

  9. It was during 1979 one of my friend sitting next to me used to sing this song. On and off i used to search this song. I feel very happy to see it here now. Really happy. Now I have to search for the video.

    1. Video has just been uploaded into YouTube by someone. Go check it out. I've updated my post or get the link in the comment above.

  10. I am happy I made someone happy :) :) :)
    Please do let me know if you found the video!

  11. My favourite song in the 1960s, we loved to sing it in the YFC Bible Club meetings in Singapore. Am totally surprised that people still sing this song today? Those days the Berlin Wall was a symbol of tyranny that mocked us.

    1. Haha...we don't sing it anymore. And I didn't know about the reference to the Berlin Wall, thanks!