Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grace Notes in Concert #1

I do not have any pictures to show for now as I did not bring my camera along, since it will be difficult for me to manage so many things at one time.

We had the event in Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Club and since we did not have any rehearsals held there before, we were required to be there as early as 12.30pm. It was a mad rush for most of us, to get all things done for the weekend in just one morning to make the 12.30 cut. Not all of us were on time.

Today's concert was to help Shah Alam Chinese Methodist Church raise their building fund. They are currently worshiping in the third floor of a shop lot and it is most inconducive. Their church entrance is just a side door of the shop lot, with a Chinese altar at the side belonging to the car mechanic shop that is operating on the ground floor. We do hope they will manage to raise the funds needed to build their church in a piece of land which they have successfully acquired.

The day was long and there was so much to do, warm-ups and rehearsals and there were so many things to get used to. The lightings, the stage, the microphones, the sound, the feel. And worst of all the dim and uncomfortable changing rooms we were given. The boys' room were much better lighted and ventilated but the girls' room were horrendous. But we had to make do - there we made it into our wardrobe, did our hair-styling and cosmetics. We had Chee Ling sponsor her In-2-It cosmetic product. Thank you, Chee Ling!!! Chee Ling and Bee Yeow were our make-up artist. Thank you, Chee Ling, Bee Yeow!!! Jen May inadvertently became our hair-stylist. That was unexpected. We did not know she was so talented! Thank you, Jen May!!!

Soon it was time. The guests arrived and they started with dinner. It took them quite awhile and we started a bit late but started we did. Our concert was divided into three parts: first, a rendition of 6 songs, then the orchestra performed 5 pieces with the piano, then an intermission followed by the final rendition of 5 songs and a benediction.

I enjoyed performing in the first part so much but made mistakes in the final part. I had three lines of narration to do in one of the songs and I got too excited I made mistakes. Arrrgghh!!!

But we were all happy but tired. One more night to go!


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