Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grace Notes in Concert #2

We are more familiarised with what to do and expect, but we still had to be there at 1.30pm today. However, the day was less stressful as we already have most of the things in place. We had our warm-ups and rehearsals, and spent rest of the time fellowshipping with one another, which was wonderful.

This evening's concert was to raise funds for the KL Chinese Methodist Cantonese Church's mission fund. This is a larger church and the attendance was bigger and I heard they raised quite a fair bit.

We were told that our make-up was too light the night before and so this time, Bee Yeow and Chee Ling went for the kill. We all ended up seriously looking like birds! But apparently we look almost normal on stage with the bright lights. We shall see when the photographs are ready.

I felt we more confident this round and I think we did pretty well. And I enjoyed myself tremendously.

All praise and thanks to our Almighty God and Lord Jesus Christ, the reason of our being, the author and perfecter of our faith!


p/s photos coming up soon - when I get them from Boon Ho :)

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