Friday, September 18, 2009

Grace Notes in Concert with the Petaling Jaya Youth Chamber Orchestra

Jen May and I did this showcase slide together. I first had it all in the center but Jen May gave it a nice effect by rearranging it.

Some of the cellist in the orchestra. Brings me back to the time when I was one of them. Playing in the orchestra is an amazing experience.

Joanna conducting both the choral group and the orchestra - a tough job definitely. I am amazed at her skills in being able to handle so many things at one go.

Lee Mei's solo piece - Light of a Million Mornings ... wonderful, beautiful song. I get goose bumps singing it.

Sin Yun looking great in her gown intently singing her alto part in the second round of songs.

This is an excellent shot - too bad someone was meddling with the powerpoint settings.

The boys (minus one tenor, my dad): Alex, Heng Yew, Boon Ho and Paul. All made up and face painted in face powder, rouge and lip gloss! Aren't they having so much fun?

Part of the Grace Notes team:
(Front L-R) Christine, Wei Chiew, Sin Yun, Lee Mei
(Crouched L-R) Paul, Grace, Jen May
(Back L-R) Tuck Lee, Alicia, Pearlie, Joanna, Heng Yew, Alex, Paul

Grace Notes
(Seated L-R) Richard (tenor), Joyce (1st soprano) - my mom and dad!
(Crouched) Alicia (2nd soprano)
(Back L-R) Janice (2nd sop), Cheng Gaik (2nd sop), Tuck Lee (alto), Keng Mooi (2nd sop), Wei Chiew (1st sop), Grace (alto), Pearlie (1st sop), Christine (2nd sop), Joanna (conductor), Lee Mei (alto), Paul (tenor), Sin Yun (alto), May Wan (pianist), Alex (tenor), Boon Ho (tenor), Heng Yew (tenor)

Grace Notes and the PJ Youth Chamber Orchestra

Photos (c) 2009 Ng Boon Ho & Wong Jen May


  1. Nice very nice. Was worried that make-up too heavy!

  2. But I did hear comments that our make-up was too heavy :( but I suppose different people would judge differently, can we can't please everyone.