How do you know what to preach?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

If you preach, how do you know what to preach? I know that we are just a mouthpiece for the LORD, and we preach what He wants us to preach. But that does not answer the question. How do you know what to preach?


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4 comment(s)

  1. I think that it is always a good idea to preach:

    1) what you know;
    2) in a way that asks rather than answers question;
    3) to make people think;
    4) to engage people's hearts;
    5) simply.. less usually is more.

    Preaching is just one way to pastor people.. always good to remember.

  2. this is a rather difficult question.cuz u know,i do share the good news sometimes but my lack of total understanding of the Bible may lead me to give the false stories.but i tried my best sometimes,that's all I could hope for.

  3. Thanks KB :)
    I agree with it all ... though it is still hard to choose what to preach. But I suppose that we'd have to leave it to God to lead and he does indeed. And I like your comment about preaching being a way to pastor people, I've look at it more at teaching but yes, we must not forget that it serves to pastor them as well.


  4. Hi Mr Clive,
    Interesting :) What made you conclude that your stories may be false? What are the stories like?