Friday, December 04, 2009

Human is a complicated lot

Human is a complicated lot.

Just when you think you have deciphered the mystery of humankind, you'd be surprised to find that you didn't. When God created man and woman, and all of creation, He said it was good. But this man and woman had other ideas in mind and turned it all bad. In fact, we are very good at turning things bad, and most of the time, we do not even realise it by the thoughts that we think, the words that we say and the things that we do.

Would God have made us any different?

Would we be better off not being individuals but existing in a collective like that of the Borgs? So that all collectives would act in consensus and obedience to the one head, i.e. God. There would be unity and comradeship. The collective segregated by personalities or trade or skill, will be enterprising in all they do together and all will be in agreement in a collective. Or would they?

Or would we be better off being a force with no bodily attachments and no connection or communication with other forces, each acting and behaving independently from each other. There will be no wars, no suffering, no pain, just forces whirring away in space obliviously to each other. What meaning is there?

But God is omniscient, he knows that this would the best form that we exist in. In this world, in this time, 24 hours a day, in this space, with air and water and breeze and storms, in this world, with other people that we connect with.

And yet, we cannot bring ourselves together for the good of one another. We fight, we strive, we take, we conquer. We would do anything possible to ensure we have it all good on our side, at the expense of others. We don't quite care for anyone else other than ourselves.

God created us good, but we have gone bad on our own accord.

But God's work did not finish with the creation. He continued His work and did one more thing for His creation. He gave Himself in sacrifice for us through His Son. His work of creation is only completed by the giving of His life through Jesus Christ on the cross.

God breathed the breath of life into man on that day of creation, Jesus gave His life for man on that day of Calvary.

Human is a complicated lot. Jesus made it simple on the cross.



  1. This is beautiful Pearlie. And, the best part of all "The 1/2 has not been told!!!!!"

  2. Thanks Susan, and yes you are right -- the half have not been told enough! And we need to do it as much as we can.