Saturday, December 12, 2009

Movies, movies, movies

Continued my lazying away today ... which is rare lately and therefore deserved! according to me, that is. I watched 3 movies - from the collection of DVDs I bought but never watched.

I won't recommend this if you can't stand expletives - this movie is full of it. And the plot isn't so great either.

Music and Lyrics
You may not understand it but I have watched this at least 4 times! Twice in Astro but missing the front, both times and twice on DVD. I am one person who can watch a favourite movie many times over, savouring it differently at different times. I love the plot, the songs and the actors. My favourite scene is when Hugh Grant sang Drew Barrymore the song - Don't Write Me Off Just Yet.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape
This DVD was on sale and I thought it might not be that good but I got it anyway because Johnny Depp is one of my favourite and he is one cool actor. I finally watched it today and it was exceptional. I soon checked and found that the 1993 movie is rated at 90% fresh. It has a simple plot but the acting is really good. Young Leonardo diCaprio got nominated for an Oscar from this movie - he gave a stunning performance as Gilbert's (Depp) mentally retarded brother. But I really hated the Mary Steenburgen scenes. Had them fast forwarded.

I have two more DVD I have not watched -- Donnie Darko and The Cider House Rules. I'll wait for another lazy day, but it must be a happy one, because I think I'd need it to watch Donnie Darko.



  1. there's a sequel to donnie darko called samantha darko. after his sister.

  2. Ann and I enjoyed Music and Lyric at the movies.. it was a sweet movie.

  3. Reb,
    I googled it - it's called S. Darko. But the review isn't as good as DD. Let me watch DD and see if I like it, but thanks for informing!

  4. KB,
    Ya, it is. I'm quite a romanticist :)