Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Now clear off!

Too many voices
None of them mine
You would have just one
I have them all in line
Some condemning
Others berating
Some are laughing
And others judging
But these voices
I've let them come near
Now clear off!
You've no place here

I've only one Voice
One Judge
One King
One Lord
In Him I live
In Him I move
In Him alone
I have my being
This Voice will speak
My Lord will judge
He has taken place
In my life, my heart

(c) 2009 Pearlie Ng
All rights reserved


  1. Thanks for the poem. I know what you mean. Sometimes my mind is full of voices, each one demanding attention.

  2. Thanks y'all.

    Alex, at the worst times, they are hard to shoo away. Don't I sound schizophrenic? :)