Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Words from the Good Book

This was published in The Star today.

Wednesday December 2, 2009
Words from the Good Book
Mind Our English by LUCILLE DASS

Everyday words and phrases that originated from the Bible.

ACCORDING to The Bible In Facts And Figures, the Old Testament contains 592,493 words; 23,214 verses, 929 chapters and 39 books; the New Testament contains 181,253 words, 7,959 verses, 260 chapters and 27 books. This totals 773,746 words, 31,173 verses, 1,189 chapters and 66 books.

Wow! Expansively impressive. Little wonder that it’s been described as the world’s “greatest book”. This “library of books” (Biblia in Greek) is said to be written by at least 40 authors and took about 1,000 years to compile.

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