Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Buddhist Meditation

Ah! I have finally managed to complete my paper on Buddhism and submitted it this morning. I was so sure I was going to forgo this one again as I have given up on the last two, one on "Paul Perspective on Justification" and another on "History and Theology of the Exile". I didn't mind not completing the one on justification but I wished I stuck with the exile paper. But never mind ... it was tough going at that time.
I picked the topic on meditation, got some books and journal articles, did some reading, and interviewed two practising Buddhists, one from Mahayana Buddhism and the other from Theravada Buddhism - I have certainly learnt quite a bit about the subject and the religion. I started off wondering what Christian meditation is too! And ended off concluding that we are no where near them in terms of it being a discipline.

I don't publish my paper online but if you would like to have a read, you could pm me.


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