Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Cleaner Look

I have opted for a cleaner look for pearlie gates and made some changes - except that I have not used the layout section of the blog for such a long time that I have forgotten much of what I have learnt before. I made a mistake and lost most of what I had in the side bar, and I cannot get the revolving labels to work ... I wonder why?



  1. the widget needs javascript to work (or flash?)

    i used one widget (dynamic tag cloud) sometime back and it works only with microsoft silverlight installed in my computer. without that, it does not work in my blog.

  2. yeah, I think it is because i don't have flash or javascript? But I can view the sample at the link though.

    I have also tried to put in the "flat" cloud like I did before - didn't work either - weird.

  3. Nice look! It may take a time to get everything working - hang in there!

  4. SZ,
    I am already suppose to be cleaned :) washed by the blood of the Lamb. Can we get any cleaner :) :) Dirtier maybe ...

  5. KB,
    Thanks - I'd do it slowly. I don't hv as much time to spare as I did before!