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Before you point your gun at me

I have asked questions about pulpits , but before I state my mind, let me say that based on what I have encountered so far, most Christians have somewhat lost their hold on the traditions of Christian practice and religion. But at this very mention of "traditions" and "religion", I believe snipers are now getting prepped up, ready to assassinate my thoughts. So let me first explain where I am coming from before you point your gun at me. I am a person who likes to delve in history, but I am quite ignorant about it since I was never taught history when I was at school. Don't ask me why, I have no idea - sadly, it just wasn't a subject. History fascinates me now. We are a people bound by time and as such, we are a people of history, whether we like it or not. The word of God as given to us in Scriptures is locked in time, in history. The letters, the songs, the laws and commandments, the accounts, the narratives are all in relation to the milieu of the peop

Pulpits in churches?

What do you think about pulpits in churches? Do you think they are an essential item? If you preach and there is a pulpit, what do you usually do and why? pearlie Photo (c) 2007 Terri Heisele