Saturday, October 23, 2010

Come, Lord Jesus (Great is the darkness)

This is an excellent song with great lyrics and a good tune. It is written by Gerald Coates and Noel Richards.

I have not sung it for awhile now and I have forgotten how to. But I going to use it during my worship lead in church tomorrow morning. This is 2010 and I have Youtube to the rescue.

Verse 1
Great is the darkness that covers the earth,
Oppression, injustice and pain;
Nations are slipping in hopeless despair,
Though many have come in Your name
Watching while sanity dies,
touched by the madness and lies.

Come, Lord Jesus, come, Lord Jesus,
pour out Your Spirit we pray;
Come, Lord Jesus, come, Lord Jesus,
pour out Your Spirit on us today.

Verse 2
May now Your church rise with power and love,
This glorious gospel proclaim;
In every nation salvation will come
To those who believe in Your name.
Help us bring light to this world,
That we might speed Your return.

Verse 3
Great celebrations on that final day,
When out of the heavens You come;
Darkness will vanish, all sorrow will end
And rulers will bow at Your throne;
Our great commission complete,
Then face to face we shall meet.


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