Excuse me???!!!

Calvin and I was in Steven's Corner in OUG today when I could not believe what happened. One of the restaurant waiters was taking our order patiently (we are somehow quite particular how we want our dosai) when the boss suddenly redirected the waiter to handle something else and he took over to take our order. So I had to start over, but when I did, giving him all the details from beginning, he said "Faster, faster".


I don't create scenes or I would have just got up and walked off. I didn't. I still want my dosai but it will be the last time I'm there.

Then later, someone called me "useless".


I shouldn't have bothered but it got to me.



  1. I do not like rudeness. It is so uncalled for.

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  3. Malaysians don't really get what "Customer Service" means. Malaysian Hospitality means serving the angmohs with a smile but the locals which much rudeness ... we definitely need to change this "mindset".


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