Saturday, October 30, 2010

Love in the hard places

D.A. Carson wrote a book entitled Love in Hard Places. The book is described:

Too often the Christian version of popular culture's sentimental view of love is that, of all things, Christians should be nice. After all, people ask, isn't the Church about forgiveness? Aren't Christians supposed to love others without condition? This book not only focuses on the aspects of Christian love that are not easy--such as when it comes to loving our enemies, and even forgiving those loved ones who have hurt us--but also helps readers understand, then, what biblical love really is. As author D. A. Carson points out, thinking seriously about Christian love soon embroils us in reflection on justice, revenge, war, the authority of the state, forgiveness, hate, and much more. This book shows some of the important ways in which the love of Christians is a reflection of the love of God, and enables believers to develop an appropriate understanding of how to love in the hard places of life.

I read it some years ago, and it is time I read it again. Except that I have too many things to do and books to read. For one, I badly need to finish Goldsworthy book on Biblical Theology so I can get on with my book review assignment. But learning to love, especially when it is hard to love, is so important.

Maybe I can sneak in a minute or two every now and then.



  1. Reminds me of something that I recently posted titled Justice comes through mercy and always has. It is an excerpt from another blogger that shows how justice is not about wrath or vengeance but about restoration.

  2. May I recommend an equally good read (albeit unrelated)? Just finished it yesterday, The Voice of Jesus by Gordon Smith. :)